RPG World Online

Enceladus Season 4 has concluded.

Enceladus is described as an economy-driven, new-player-friendly world created by veteran players, Soapy and Gimpy with input from many community members. Each new Season brings forth more balancing and quality of life changes as well as new end-game content and events!

Enceladus Season 4 has concluded!

1st Place Deaty Level 120 Spear 1522 Black Magic 1034
2nd Place Unlucky Level 101 Black Magic 1091 Crossbow 940
3rd Place Boh Level 97 Throwing 1073 Magic Defense 971
Top Trader Mage Level 47 Blacksmith 573 Mining 416
Honorable Mention Ivan Level 95 Bow 1243 Melee Defense 951
Honorable Mention Anthrax Level 94 Flail 1174 Stealth 909
Honorable Mention Lain Level 92 Dagger 1110 Stealth 885

Enceladus Season 3 has concluded!

1st Place Level & Combat Boh Level 111 Sword 1,370
2nd Place Level & Combat Gimpy Level 108 Dagger 1,190
3rd Place Level & Combat Aecus Level 82 Black Magic 1,025
Honorable Mention Kandace Level 82 Blacksmith 591
Honorable Mention Sano Level 69 Stealth 575
Honorable Mention Slap Level 77 Mining 472
Honorable Mention Tusnek Level 75 Jewelry Making 453
Honorable Mention Osuki Level 70 Alchemy 424

Enceladus Season 2 has concluded!

Top Combat Warden Throwing
Runner-up Combat Eggs Mace
Top Tradeskill Void Top Alchemist
Honorable Mention Shibah "Marakech" Top PKer

Enceladus Season 1 has concluded!

Top Combat Whiskers Crossbow
Runner-up Combat Jeroy Throwing
Top Tradeskill Kenny Top Miner/Blacksmith
Honorable Mention Eggs Top Perseverance

Enceladus Season 0.5 (Desolation) has concluded!

Top Combat Whiskers Crossbow