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Community Discord

Be sure to pop into the RPGWO Community Gaming Discord server to discuss all sorts of things with your fellow RPGWO players!

Active Servers:

Enceladus Season 2 is currently offline.

Enceladus Season 2 is an economy-driven, new player friendly world created by veteran players, Soapy and Gimpy. As the name implies, it is a continuation and improvement upon the previous iteration, Enceladus. If you play this server, I highly recommend you play with a group. This server is the only server with a large amount of information available on this site.

The server will be wiped and Season 3 launched at an undetermined date due to unforeseen circumstances in real life with the server owners.

just4fun Phobos is currently online

just4fun Phobos is a V1 Forced PK, stealing, bitchrules server. It is a wiped backup of something like Phobos/Shadow/Pyramid that has been updated with a few quality of life changes to make things less annoying.

Things like seasons and growth elevation are disabled but the core of the world remains a nostalgic trip for those who played RPGWO in the earlier days. You can find the magic.ini here.

Hex_Reborn is currently online

Hex_Reborn is a V2 server hosted by long time user Alg. It's been up and running for a very long time now and mostly consists of people afk training. To my understanding Alg is currently recreating the client in another language and he uses this server to test said client.