RPG World Online


Get the new installer by clicking one the links below:

Here is the official RPGWO website. Please note that the autoupdater linked there is not recent and will not work with any current servers.

Community Discord

Be sure to pop into the RPGWO Community Gaming Discord server to discuss all sorts of things with your fellow RPGWO players!

Active Servers:

Enceladus Season 4 has concluded.

Enceladus Season 4 is an economy-driven, new-player-friendly world created by veteran players, Soapy and Gimpy with input from many community members. Season 4 brings forth more balancing and quality of life changes as well as new end-game content.

You can find a large amount of useful information, such as the leaderboards from previous seasons, and rune combinations by navigating the menu links at the top of the page! If you have any questions reach out ingame or pop into the RPGWO Community Gaming Discord where the majority of the community is present.

Hex_Reborn is currently online.

Hex_Reborn is a V2 server hosted by long time user Alg. It's been up and running for a very long time now and mostly consists of people afk training. There is an occasional influx of new players on occasion. To my understanding Alg is currently recreating the client and server in another language and he uses this server to test said client.

A small percentage of rune combos are available on the Hex_Reborn Rune Combos Page. More can be added by messaging me on Discord with the rune combos. (Discord handle: tommyarm)